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Ease of installation, commissioning and maintenance are general requirements. Predictive maintenance, 24/7 remote monitoring and cloud calculation are modern solutions that can yield entirely new types of maintenance savings.

With Planray solutions, you can maintain and service your trace heating systems efficiently. We work as a partner to industrial contractors, operation and maintenance companies and electrical contractors worldwide. Our solution is used by more than 300 units, from chocolate factories to oil drilling rigs.

We provide the most accurate controllers, the best trace heating centre solution and the most advanced management system for the installation, maintenance and servicing of trace heating systems.

Benefits of Planray solutions in the installation phase

1. We provide complete central units for trace heating.

2. Enables fast system activation.

3. Changing system settings retroactively is easy and requires no dismantling of structures or insulation.

4. The Planray system and controllers are compatible with all cables on the market.

5. Our products are made to last. They are manufactured and tested at our own factory in Finland.

6. Planray’s electronic controllers are the most accurate on the market and designed to be user-friendly and safe to maintain.

7. Planray’s experts support customers in system commissioning and personnel training.

Thanks to Planray’s unique Pt100 sensor input technology, cable length is not a problem. You can achieve the same accuracy with a three-wire connection as with four wires.

Type Max length
Two-wire (Pt100)< 10 m
Three-wire (Pt100)~ 500 m
Four-wire (Pt100)~ 1 000 m
Planray three-wire (Pt100)~ 1 000 m

Benefits of Planray solutions for maintenance

1. The Planray solution ensures the fastest response time to alarms. In a failure situation, our system issues a timely alarm, which indicates the cause and priority of the alarm and its position on a system map.

2. In addition to this, the system enables you to easily anticipate maintenance. The system tells you when a cable is about to fail, for example.

3. Our controllers have been designed to be easy to install and safe to maintain. The visualisation created in the system installation phase facilitates maintenance and expedites fault positioning.

4. With the Planray system reports, you can indicate power consumption and the savings achieved through optimisation.

5. Thanks to our regular user training, those responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the trace heating solutions will always be capable of using the systems cost-efficiently.

6. Our spare parts deliveries are fast and global.

7. Our products are made to last. They are manufactured and tested at our own factory in Finland.

The operator can quickly and easily react to the alarms issued by a trace heating circuit and alert an electrician to determine the cause. The Plancontrol system has worked very well with excellent reliability in maintaining the 52 km trace heating arrangement.”

Jarmo LapinniemiMaintenance Service ManagerEfora Oy

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