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Did you know that modern trace heating management systems provide you with options in selecting heating cables? You will need fewer different types of cables and the varying lengths of heating circuits will no longer be a problem.

Planray is the partner you need when designing demanding trace heating systems for production facilities and factories. Our solutions facilitate design work and ensure that the planned systems will work in the most demanding conditions. We have over 25 years of experience in the installation and design of trace heating, so we know what is essential in constructing a successful trace heating arrangement. Our solutions are used in more than 300 facilities, from paper mills to oil drilling rigs.

The benefits of Planray solutions in the design of trace heating:

1. Planray products expedite and facilitate the design process because all of them come with the data and features required in the design of trace heating.

2. You will have access to Planray’s library of circuit diagrams for no charge. You will receive ready-made circuit diagrams that you can modify to your liking, or our experts can support you in designing special solutions.

3. Ensure end customer satisfaction. With our solutions, the implementation of trace heating solutions can be handled quickly, easily and reliably.

4. Our system is ATEX-approved and compatible with all cables on the market.

5. Our products are made to last. They are manufactured and tested at our own factory in Finland.

“Planray’s system is a big help in the high-quality design of trace heating and in system dimensioning. Setting the process to 60 degrees today and 160 degrees tomorrow is no problem at all. The versatility of the Planray system remains an asset even after the design phase. The diverse and modifiable system enables rapid changes within tight project schedules.

Markku Huhtala

Area Manager

Caverion Northern Finland

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