PlanControl - Trace heating control system

PlanControl is a control and monitoring system for industrial electric heating arrangements, which can be used to control thousands of heating circuits. Several electric heating units can be connected to the system and controlled over the network with the ProcessManager control software. Thanks to the modular structure, the PlanControl units can be easily constructed to match the number of heating circuits and the required control and measurement features.
  • Modular and portable
  • Mechanical and semiconductor relay
  • Monitoring software and touchscreen interface
  • ATEX temperature limiter

PlanControl's benefits

  • Versatile and easy to expand. The unique trace heating features help to reduce costs from project planning to maintenance while increasing safety throughout the process.
  • The modular structure and bus connection enable an affordable system. The system can be expanded and changed easily, flexibly and at low cost. Thanks to the modular nature, the equipment can be built to meet the input and output requirements almost without restriction.
  • The system provides single-point access to all heat circuit data, which can be viewed through the central unit or on a computer using the ProcessManager software.
  • The stepless power adjustment ensures the flexibility and ease of design and reduces the range of heating cables required. In addition to this, the power adjustment function can yield significant cost savings, since changes related to the maintenance temperatures or length of the heating cable can be taken into account by adjusting the power level of the cables instead of replacing them.
  • Regular and automatic condition monitoring tests ensure that the heating cables, temperature sensors and equipment function properly, helping to avoid costly last-minute repairs.
  • Load and current leak measurements enable monitoring the operation and condition of the heating system. By enabling under- and overvoltage alarms, you can be notified immediately upon the onset of a circuit failure. You can view statistics regarding the electrical current and keep an eye on energy consumption.
  • PlanControl was designed in a customer-oriented manner particularly for industrial use. It provides a variety of special features, one of which is an alarm prevention function that can be used to block unnecessary alarms resulting from higher-than-normal process temperatures. Another special feature is the heating prevention function, which can be used to prevent unnecessary heating during water flow, for example.

Technical information

  • Semiconductor or relay control
  • Pt100 temperature sensor inputs
  • Programmable inputs and outputs for alarms and special features
  • Load and current leak measurement
  • Automatic heating circuit condition monitoring
  • Graphical temperature history
  • ATEX-approved temperature limiter
  • Three user interfaces: mobile programming device, touchscreen and monitoring software
  • Integration into an automation system: I/O and ModBus
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