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The electric heating system optimised for industrial facilities yields substantial savings in the power bill, reduces the risk of process outages and enables an increased focus on the manufacturing process thanks to secured trace heating.

With Planray’s solutions, you can ensure the operability of critical processes regardless of temperature variation, prevent production losses and optimise power consumption. Our solution is used by more than 300 units, from paper mills to oil drilling rigs. Trace heating is a system that enables the production process by ensuring the correct temperature in various process phases. Ideally, the solution increases the efficiency of the production process and electricity consumption.

What should you focus on in the future with regard to trace heating?
Read an article on designing trace heating written by our expert Toni Piirainen.

Planray’s solutions enable you to manage all trace heating arrangements in your production facility. We are the world’s leading expert in the optimisation of trace heating. We not only supply central trace heating centres but also help our customer optimise the trace heating system as a whole.

Benefits of our solutions:

1. With Planray’s solutions, you can manage your trace heating circuits and eliminate the unnecessary work tasks they cause in your organisation. Prevent production losses thanks to our high-quality components and monitoring systems.

2. Our solutions help identify hidden cost spikes in electric heating and optimise trace heating arrangements better than ever before. Ideally, the cost savings achieved through the optimisation of trace heating have been over 60% of the original power consumption.

3. Anticipating the maintenance required by trace heating is easy. The necessary maintenance can be conducted during scheduled downtime.

4. Our products are made to last. They are manufactured and tested at our own factory in Finland.
Planray works on an international level. We carry out project planning and installation activities in cooperation with regional partners.

“We have worked with Planray since 1990. The products are reliable, which is extremely important in the context of critical processes. There can be corroding gases and liquids present – the conditions are harsher than in normal building environments. What’s more, the system is easy to use and requires no other measures besides monitoring after activation. The precise control of trace heating yields savings. Planray’s system has enabled us to optimise the entire trace heating network.”

Jaakko HettulaPlant Manager

Stora Enso Oulu

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