Our trace heating solutions are used in hundreds of facilities worldwide

“We have worked with Planray since 1990. The products are reliable, which is extremely important in the context of critical processes. There can be corroding gases and liquids present – the conditions are harsher than in normal building environments. What’s more, the system is easy to use and requires no other measures besides monitoring after activation. The precise control of trace heating yields savings. Planray’s system has enabled us to optimise the entire trace heating network.”

Jaakko Hettula
Plant Manager

Stora Enso Oulu

“The Outokumpu FeCr plant in Tornio is one of Planray’s first trace heating customers. The total length of the traces in the Tornio plant area is about 170 km. Gas, water, air and vapour – all of the required industrial commodities are conveyed through pipe bridges, which means that they require trace heating. The trace heating and control solutions supplied by Planray have been good and functional solutions for the Outokumpu plant in Tornio, and they are certainly suitable for other large industrial facilities, as well. As time passes, the value of the final documentation of trace heating contracts keeps increasing. This is one of the areas that Planray has always handled extremely well. When the trace arrangements are implemented as a comprehensive solution, they can be adjusted and controlled more intelligently. This enables significant energy savings.

Raimo Rovanen

Regional Work Supervisor


“Planray’s system is a big help in the high-quality design of trace heating and in system dimensioning. Setting the process to 60 degrees today and 160 degrees tomorrow is no problem at all. The versatility of the Planray system remains an asset even after the design phase. The diverse and modifiable system enables rapid changes within tight project schedules.

Markku Huhtala
Area Manager
Caverion Northern Finland

The operator can quickly and easily react to the alarms issued by a trace heating circuit and alert an electrician to determine the cause. The Plancontrol system has worked very well with excellent reliability in maintaining the 52 km trace heating arrangement.

Jarmo Lapinniemi
Maintenance Service Manager
Efora Oy

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