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Planray is an expert in trace heating

Planray is a pioneer in industrial electric heating systems developed in demanding Finnish climate conditions. Over the course of 30 years, we have refined this expertise into products and services for customers who wish to ensure the correct design, installation, operation and maintenance of their electric heating systems. Our solution is used by more than 300 units, from paper mills to oil drilling rigs.

Planray Ltd started its operation in 1992. In the beginning our core competence was trace heating engineering and installation. Later we started the development of trace heating controllers. Today we are the number one trace heating control systems manufacturer in Finland and deliver around the world. Our products have been sold to over 20 countries world wide and our international network is growing.

During the years we have gathered a deep knowledge in trace heating, which we use to create the best trace heating control and monitoring systems. Planray is all about trace heating management.

Our mission is to create practical industrial heating solutions, that increase process reliability, save energy and make maintenance proactive. We are open to new ideas and develop them in cooperation with our customers.

Planray is located in the city of Kajaani in the middle of Finland and the forests of Kainuu wilderness which is commonly associated with stamina and rectitude. We are aware of these principles and they can be seen in our work.

  • Establishes in 1992
  • Deliveries to more than 20 countries
  • Finnish family-owned business
  • Product development and production facilities in Kajaani

Focuses of our operations:

1. Operational reliability

We offer the longest warranty on the market for our products. Our solutions are reliable and easy to maintain.

2. Efficiency

Ensuring energy efficiency in industrial electric heating solutions and saving time for the operating personnel are among the key benefits of our products.

3. Future-proofing

Predictive maintenance is the modern way. We offer the world’s first Industrial Internet solution for analysing trace heating systems.

Learn about our solutions and contact us for more information on the savings provided by trace heating!

Planray Oy

Telephone: +358 44 597 4743

Our telephone hours are mon-fri at 7:00-17:00. No sms-messages.

Direct contact information can be found below.

Timo Määttä

Head of Product Management
PlanControl and PlanTerm

Sales, Support
+358 44 597 4740

Vesa Kovalainen

Product Manager
BlueTrace, BlackTrace and MidiTrace

Sales, Support
+358 44 062 2789

Simo Kemppainen

Product Manager
Control Panels & Junction Boxes

+358 44 597 4746

Juho Laurila

Project Engineer

+358 40 6389 421

Mika Veljo

Software Engineer
Sky Trace

+358 40 6315 328

Seija Murtoniemi

Testing and Maintenance

+358 44 597 4741

Kari Kemppainen

Testing and Maintenance

+358 44 3515 202

Jenni Särkelä

Financial Manager

+358 50 572 7226

Vilma Airaksinen

Management Assistant

+358 40 3555 247

Toni Piirainen

Managing Director

+358 44 597 4709

Aarni Piirainen

Chairman of the Board

+358 44 029 5650

Email addresses in format

Address: Planray Oy Taitokatu 2 87400 Kajaani Finland
VAT number: 0130262-5

E-invoicing information: 

EDI code 003701302625

Operator ID BAWCFI22

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